OCI1500 is an ultra-high resolution optical link diagnostic and distributed optical fiber sensing instrument. The principle of this product is optical frequency domain reflection (OFDR). Its spatial resolution is 10um in 50m range. OCI1500 can easily find and determine macro bends, weak splicing points, connection points, breakpoints and spectrum, return loss and insert loss in the fiber link. The fiber length can be accurately measured by OCI1500 and the accuracy is 0.1mm. Besides, OCI1500 can also realize distributed temperature and strain measurement.


  • System spatial resolution 10um
  • 100m measurement range (support upgrade)
  • Expand distributed temperature and strain measurement
  • Sensing spatial resolution is 5mm, accuracy is ±0.1℃\±1.0με


Optical Communication

  • Optical device/module
  • Fiber length
  • Silicon photonics chip
  • Fiber interferometer delay
  • FBG testing
  • Dispersion measurement

Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

  • Composite material fatigue testing
  • Civil & construction engineering: SHM
  • Power industry: transformer temperature and strain monitoring


Measurement range1 100 50 m
Spatial resolution 10 μm
Return loss dynamic range 70 dB
Insertion loss dynamic range 18 dB
Return loss sensitivity -130 dB
Insertion loss and return loss accuracy ±0.1 dB
Interferometer Delay Measurement2
Measurement range 100 m
Accuracy3 0.1 mm
Distributed optical fiber Sensing
Sensing range 100 m
Spatial resolution 5 mm
Strain accuracy ±1.0 με
Strain range4 ±15000 με
Temperature accuracy ±0.1 °C
Temperature range4 -200-1200 °C
Wavelength range5 1525-1625 nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.03 pm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 pm
Group Delay Accuracy 1 ps
Measurement Time6 <8 s
Power AC 220/110V; DC 12V -
Communication interface USB -
Fiber connector FC/APC -
Size 390x340x158 mm
Weight 7.5 KG
  1. Measurement range can be customized
  2. Measure the delay, the result is obtained by setting the refractive index
  3. High precision mode
  4. Range changes with different sensors
  5. Wavelength range can be customized
  6. Measurement time is different in special mode

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