Strain & temperature compound sensing cable


Metal-based banded compound optical cable


Metal-based banded distributed strain &temperature sensing cable protects optical fiber through porous hollow metal belt, and is matched well with Brillouin distributed optical fiber sensing technology (BOTDR) and Raman distributed optical fiber sensing technology(ROTDR). The surface strength of sensing fiber is greatly improved.


1. Based on metal-based material package, it can resist adverse environment such as impact damage during construction.

2. It is flexible, not easy to be disturbed, broken and very convenient for paving construction.

3. It is made of high-quality hollow metal belt and can be glued or welded to the surface of measured object. Close combination results in high deformation consistency.

4. It has stable initial strain and good strain uniformity.


It is suitable to be pasted on the surface of the structure to be tested or directly welded on the surface of metal pipes, pressure tanks, etc. The construction is very easy and convenient while interference of various harsh working conditions can be defended.

Performance characteristics and technical parameters

Parameter Value
Type of fiber Single mode, Multimode
Type of cable metal-based
Number of core 2
Section size of cable(mm) Φ1.5, Φ0.5
Pull force(N) 650
Weight(kg/km) 18

Note: The cable is packaged of metal-based material. Folds and small radius bends should be avoided during transportation and paving.


Strain & temperature compound sensing cable


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