Wafer/ Chip Packaging and Testing System
Wafer Optical-Electrical Characteristic Test System

Wafer Optical-Electrical Characteristic Test System



WIT-220 Wafer optical-electrical probe station comprehensively considers the design requirements of stability, electrical noise processing and spatial layout. It adopts high-precision motion control system, high-performance vibration isolation system and combines self-developed image software algorithms to achieve small beam diameter optical performance test and high-precision electrical performance test.

It not only can meet the application requirements of high-precision optical test indicators and pA/nA micro-signal measurement, but also can eliminate the bad chips at wafer level in advance, prevent them from flowing into the back-end process, save the overall packaging and testing costs and improve production efficiency.


  • Automatic calibration with machine vision

  • Automatic crimping of probes/probe cards

  • Automatic light search

  • Support small beam diameter chip testing

  • Wafer size 2~12inches, customization upon requests

  • Temperature range -20℃ ~ 125℃(wider range upon request)

  • Customized functions such as automatic loading and unloading and automatic defect inspection are optional

  • A complete set of testing solution services upon request


In OO, OE and other technical testing fields, optical testing is compatible with SMF, Lensed Fiber, FA, etc.. Electrical testing is compatible with probe holders or probe cards, meeting the testing needs of various application scenarios in R&D and mass production.


Basic parameters

Wafer size

2~12 inches, customized, with partition design

Loading method

Manual/Auto Loader

Number of testing

Single wafer/Cassette

Optical performance parameters

Type of fiber


Lens fiber






Testing method


Coupling repeatability

0.3dB (Typical value)

Automatic calibration

After the wafer is loaded, using image recognition to identify Wafer-ID, and automatically calibrates the position and angle

Automatic optical alignment

Image recognition to assist automatic light alignment

Automatic positioning compensation

±2um positioning accuracy

Coupling stability

0.5dB / 15min (typical value)

Automatic compensation in height direction

Automatic calibration of rotation center

Sensor collision avoidance

Method to search light

Spiral, Matrix, Fast 3D

Electrical performance parameters

Number of integrated probes

Dozens to hundreds, customized according to needs

Power-up type

Probe holder/probe card

Type of probe card

Cantilever/Vertical Needle Probe Cards

Needle Clearing Type

Manual/ automatic

Needle Accuracy of probe card



-20℃ ~ 125℃

Remarks:The alignment stage can be replaced to achieve higher precision testing.

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