Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing System
High Speed Fiber Bragg Grating  Interrogator

High Speed Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogator



The FGI series high-speed fiber Bragg grating (FBG) interrogator is developed for the ultra-high-speed FBG sensing market, capable of demodulating single-mode fiber Bragg grating sensors at a frequency of 100kHz. It features high speed, high precision, and high stability. 

This high-speed fiber Bragg grating interrogator is a closed demodulation module. Connecting external FBG sensors to the instrument interface enables the detection of the FBG central wavelength, and the data stream is uploaded to the onboard host computer for display via customized software. Additionally, it has a wide wavelength demodulation range and, when paired with a customized optical switch, can achieve real-time measurement of fiber Bragg grating arrays. The entire measurement process of the device requires no calibration, offering high reliability and suitability for various environments.


  • High demodulation rate (up to 400kHz)

  • External trigger acquisition 

  • Customized software 

  • Optional working mode: Industrial computer/laptop


  • High-frequency vibration

  • Explosive pressure

  • Structural strain

  • Rapid impact, collision



FGI series


C band 40nm±4nm


1 / 2 / 4

Scanning speed

100kHz@(40nm±4nm); 200kHz@(20nm±2nm)

Wavelength repeatability


Strain accuracy


Signal-to-noise ratio


Synchronous trigger output

SMA, 3.3V



Connection cable

Thunderbolt 3

Power supply

DC 12V

Operating temperature

-5 ~ 70℃


  1. Full-channel synchronous scanning.

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